Walshy's ``House Movers Check List``

House movers check list! Here are a few things you can do to help make your move as stress free as possible…

Four weeks before you move

  • Choose a removal company that best suits your needs
  • Try and confirm your house removal date as far in advance as possible.
  • Prepare a list of fixtures you are leaving in the house

Three weeks before you move

  • Make sure there is no fuel in your lawn mower, strimmer, motor cycle etc
  • Dismantle self-assembly furniture, unless we have agreed to do this for you
  • Arrange for professional disconnection of kitchen appliances, including the washing machine to ensure securing of the drum
  • Arrange to have the gas, electricity, telephone and water meters read
  • Sort out the contents of your garage and dispose of unwanted items

A fortnight before you move

  • Organise suitable transport for your pets or if possible arrange for someone to look after your pets on the actual move day
  • If possible, make arrangements for the children to be looked after on move day
  • Start Packing & make sure you have labelled your boxes ( unless you have arranged for us to do this for you )
  • Start running down freezers. We advise against moving freezers in a full or frozen state. Please note that freezers in this condition will be moved at your own risk. If storing then defrost, wash out and dry your appliance.
  • Clear the loft space unless we have agreed to do this for you
  • Dismantle sheds, greenhouses, etc, unless we have agreed to do this for you

7 days to go!


  • Take down any fixtures you are taking with you
  • Fabrics that are being stored should be given an anti-moth treatment
  • Let your neighbours know your move date and let them know that there may be a removal truck causing a slight obstruction that day.
  • If you are moving in or out of a block of flats, arrange to have use of the manual override key or priority use of the lift if at all possible, speak with the concierge or caretaker.

The eve of your move

  • Finish off any last minute packing making sure it is all boxed or bagged up ready for your move ( unless you have arranged for us to do this for you )
  • Finish off dismantling furniture ( unless you have arranged for us to do this for you )
  • Prepare plants for transit
  • Don’t Pack the kettle don’t forget tomorrow is going to be an exhausting day so it’s a good idea to have some refreshments for yourselves and the movers.

Move Day

  • You should now be ready
  • Unless otherwise agreed, your crew will arrive between 8am and 9am so please make sure there is a parking space available for the truck.
  • Sit back and enjoy your move

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